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Premium car shampoo for 2018. Test!


Car shampoo. Do you really need to use it? There is dishwashing detergent in the kitchen and …. no by the way, that discussion does not belong here. Then there is discussion about all types of car shampoo, with wax, or without and the increasingly popular SiO2 shampoo´s with all their special characteristics. That discussion does not belong here either.

This is a review for you who already have a carefully selected sealant on your car, with the features you want. Whether it’s a wax, a synthetic seal or a ceramic coating that you laid down hours of work or a big stack of money on, of course, you do not want to change, or maybe even worsen it, because of a car shampoo. Therefore, use a neutral, ph-balanced auto shampoo without additives.

It’s a review for those who really like your car and think that the weekly maintainance wash is a feast. It’s a briefing for those who like to have a smile in their face while getting a shampoo out of the garage locker and enjoy the premium feel of a nice package, colors and smells as well as the foam and the slippery feeling when the wash mitt slides over the car. The whole is important for the experience. This is nothing you need, or need to have. That’s something you definitely want to have. A good car shampoo. And a good car shampoo should feel luxurious!

The shampoos involved are:

Herrenfahrt Waschessenz
Tershine Purify
Waxd Superior Soap
Tac system Mystic Bubble
Gtechniq G Wash
Adam’s Car Shampoo
Carman Autoschampo (The cheapest shampoo that was available – a counterweight :-))
Chemical Guys Mr. Pink


Carman Autoschampo is in on one occasion – the price! That it was available at a low-cost store for the penalty amount of SEK 10 / L, which meant that it had to come with, as a small counterweight.
To go ahead of the events, it can be said that most shampoos performed extremely well. A small perceived difference may have cost a point and a placement. Small things can thus give big differences. Which – apart from Carman (though this also has its place and task) – one chooses, the dissatisfaction will shine with its absence.

The test has much and much gone on feeling and experience which, of course, gives a subjective picture but, of course, soft values ​​are at least as pleasant as hard facts.
Economy has obviously been weighed in, if two shampoos are equivalent, it can be a good determining factor, and the price differences per wash are greater than you think.

Safety Data Sheet is another parameter, all except one has been able to display this. Very good!
To the feeling and experience, assessments have been made of packaging, color and smell.

Silly irrelevancies some says. Absolutely not! says GlossGarage.
Gliding and foaming properties are of course important features that have been checked and assessed.

However, no major attention has been paid to cleaning properties, much because, at this level of caring for your car, when you start handwashing, the car must already be ”clean” for example by use a of prewash or foamlance before even think of touching the car by hand. In addition, it is a difficult process to implement in a fair way. Thirdly, there was no suspicion that any shampoo of these would NOT have any approved cleaning ability.

The review has been done with blind tests of foaming ability, how the shampoo mixes with water, the general feel, foam and glide by handwashing with washmitt, how long the foam in the wash bucket stays, and how color, smell and texture are experienced. Then the packaging has been evaluated, and the cost per wash is calculated.



Shampoo test, 1st place.
Tershine Purify.
A shampoo that is not the best at all, but performs evenly and loudly. It’s easy to enjoy.
The bottle is, modern and stylish – feeling of Nordic design. The color of the shampoo is nice and the scent has a tropical touch, it smells good but is far too anonymous, ice on with more scent! The consistency is good, maybe a bit thick but blends easily and considering the degree of concentration, 10ml to 10L, nothing to marvel at. The glide is superior, beatenonly by the number two in the test. The foam is the test’s best, thick and lasts long, with a small margin better than the runner up, Mystic Bubble. Swedish text on label – good for us in Sweden. (The rumour says labels in english are coming.)
If you then weigh in the economics point, at a low cost per wash – then the result can not be other than that Purify gets pole position. Congratulations to the gold medal!

Price: 23 USD / 19 EUR (Converted Swedish price Dec. 2017)
Content: 500ml
Dilution: 10ml / 10L
Washes per bottle: 50
Cost per wash: 0,46USD / 0,38EUR

Buy from tershine:
Purify – Shampoo


Shampoo test, 2nd place
Tac System Mystic Bubble
Here we are really impressed with the good foam and, above all, the best glide of the test. It is majestic. Welcome to slippery land! The consistency feels a bit thin, which may not really be a disadvantage for anything but the feeling. The color looks ok and the scent…. wow what a scent and its got presence. Best in the gang – definitely.
A small counterweight is the package that may seem a bit anonymous, but what places Mystic Bubble on a highly deserved silver placement after the winner is the price per wash that ends at a 2,5 times higher cost.
If you look only at the characteristics of the shampoo and not as a whole premium package experience or at the cost per wash, then Mystic Bubble is the number one. This is a shampoo that must have a place in your the collection!

Price: 19 USD / 16 EUR (Converted Swedish price Dec. 2017)
Content: 500ml
Dilution: 30ml / 10L
Washes per bottle: 17
Cost per wash: 1,11 USD / 0,94 EUR

Buy from Streetpower Rekond:

Shampoo test, 3rd place
Adam’s Car Shampoo
The bottle makes you wear a smile straight away, something about it makes you happy, right? A really big advantage is the cap! Thank you Adam´s. The color is approved and works really well to the bottle’s other appearances. The consistency is good and the scent is pleasant, but here too, as in the case of tershine, you want more. Foam and glide are also here really good, only one ounce under the two best. Here are no disappointments. Cost per wash ends at something like Mystic bubble in the middle of the pricerange. If you have never used Adam’s Car Shampoo before, it’s time to do it now. Chances are you like it. A lot.

Price: 16 USD / 13 EUR (Converted Swedish price Dec. 2017)
Content: 473ml
Dilution: 30ml / 10L
Washes per bottle: 16
Cost per wash: 1 USD / 0,81 EUR

Buy from Premium Carcare:


Shampoo Test 4th Place
Gtechniq Gwash
Cherry wine.That is the first association you get when you make nose contact with Gwash. Good or bad lies in your sense of smell, but it does smell good. Fits with the color as well. Gwash has a good consistency, but it’s hard to dissolve in the water, a real shot with the pressure washer is required. Also, a good car shampoo with approved foam and glide. In addition, with a low cost per wash, you should not ignore this shampoo. Sad packing with low budget vibes destroys the first impression though.

Price: 18 USD / 15 EUR (Converted Swedish price Dec. 2017)
Content: 500ml
Dilution: 10ml / 10L
Washes per bottle: 50
Cost per wash: 2,78 USD / 0,3 EUR

Buy from Rekondkompaniet:
Gtechniq GWash


Shampoo test 5th place – TIE BETWEEN WAXD SUPERIOR SOAP
Herrenfahrt Waschessenz
You will fall immediately. The bottle stands out and fully illuminates the air with the feel of premium. Off with the cap and the scent that appears is strong and masculine.Any cooler than this will not be. Hard cheese for Herrenfahrt is that the glide and the foam are not of the same class as those in the top positions – but thus not said it’s bad, just the others are remarkable good. The color feels a bit dull, but hidden in the beautiful bottle, what difference does it make. What ultimately chops Herrenfahrt is the cost per wash. At a cost over 4 times as high as the winner! But hey, you still want it anyway!

Price: 19 USD / 16 EUR (Converted Swedish price Dec. 2017)
Content: 250ml
Dilution: 25ml / 10L
Washes per bottle: 10
Cost per wash: 1,9 USD / 1,6 EUR

Buy from Streetpower Rekond:


Waxd Superior Soap
Except to the bottle and cost per wash, wich is lower, Superior Soap is striking alike Herrenfahrt Waschessenz. Yes, they are so similar that you start thinking twice. Color, consistency, scent, glide, dilution (+/- 5ml) of the foam, and the time it takes, and looks, until the foam is fading in the wash bucket after foaming it up with the pressure washer. Makes you go hmmmmm ……

Price: 15 USD / 12 EUR (Converted Swedish price Dec. 2017)
Content: 500ml
Dilution: 20ml / 10L
Washes per bottle: 25
Cost per wash: 0,6 USD / 0,48 EUR

Buy from Rekondkompaniet:
WAXD Superior Soap


Shampoo test 6th place
Chemical Guys Mr. Pink
One old favorite that is encountering too high resistance in this gang. A bit sickly sweet smell, and a consistency that makes it difficult to pour out of the bottle. Then the bottle, yes, the taste really differs, but you have seen better looking, havn´t you. The glide is somewhere in the middle. The two things that makes you happy with Mr Pink is the foaming action that is very good and the cost per wash wich is fair. Do not think that i dismiss Mr Pink as junk, cause im really not, it´s still a desent shampoo. It´s just a fact, that it is at least 6 better choices out there. The gap between this and the others above is tio big.

Price: 16 USD / 13 EUR (Converted Swedish price Dec. 2017)
Content: 473ml
Dilution: 15ml / 10L
Washes per bottle: 31
Cost per wash: 0,51 USD / 0,41 EUR

Buy from Chemical Guys:


Shampoo test 7th place
Carman Autoshampoo
Okay, Carman Autoshampoo has nothing is this gang to do. From the outset, it was not even intended for comparison, as it is not near premium nor intended for that purpose. It has bottom grades in everything, from packaging (it does not get any worse) to scent and appearance. The glide is worse and foam fades quick. BUT for the super low price of a 1 liter bottle in local low-cost warehouses it is obviously attractive to give it a shot. Most car shampoos on the market are probably better than this. BUT: (Much) Better than dishwashing detergent and for that super low cost per wash it scratches the top rating in the economy. In the summary i can also see a field of application for it…

Price: 1 USD / 1 EUR (Converted Swedish price Dec. 2017)
Content: 1000ml
Dilution: 50ml / 10L
Washes per bottle: 20
Cost per wash: 0.05 USD / 0.05 EUR !!!!!

Buy at your local low-cost store.



So alike but still so different. From 60 cents to almost 2 USD ( or 5 cents to EUR 1,70) per wash (10 liters in the washbucket).
Dirtcheap Carman has space in the garage locker and a field of use, even for a car shampoo connoisseur: Overdose it, pour it in the wheelwashbucket. If the rims are well coated and washed thoroughly during the weekly maintainance wash, often a regular shampoo, at least in the summertime will do the job. Then this low budget shampoo will come to use, or any of the shampoos you already have on the shelf, and really want to replace at this point.

The Herrenfahrt shampoo is of course lovely ludicrous, but the resemblance to Waxd is more than interesting. Mr. Pink is a bit down the ladder. Gtechniq is not bad. That is to say that whatever you choose here, it’s a good choice, because as mentioned in the introduction, there are very subjective thoughts and yours may be quite different.

Did I forget to list some? They come here: Tershine Purify is the winner of the test and the best buy, based on a mix of all features. Tacsystem Mystic Bubble is perhaps the best shampoo. Adam’s Car Shampoo is very nice to use, grows over time and wakes up. In addition, it has an advantage in being able to use even in strong sunshine, as has been confirmed by the Forensic Detailing Channel.

Recommendation: Maybe sounds crazy BUT: Buy one, two and three. They´re all crazy good. You will like all three. You have now secured chemicals for about 83 future washings, so it will last for almost a year if you have two cars to wash each week. Rationally. Alternation is good for you and when all three bottles are empty, you are guaranteed to have found YOUR favorite and YOUR winner, who will cut the first and finest place on your shampoo-shelf in the garage.




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